First of, I am a child of God hence the reason I consider your visit a blessing. Thank you. Secondly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

I know your reasons for coming into my world are less concerned about writings but instead the product(s) offered. In that case I will quickly explain what Pluggedrite is or what it's all about. As the word sounds, Plugged: an attachment to a source of power and Rite: (slang for right) in the correct form. So, Pluggedrite is a movement with a sole purpose to revive the spirit of encouragement through self confidence using ones mind, heart and soul as their source of power. In my case I chose to do so musically. My compositions are intended to be background meditative music, played to rejuvinate your musical subconsciousness and to allow for you to be the director - in your mind - through the interpretation of what you hear and understand in your own imaginative terms without any form of exterior influence.


             Belief is the fundamental guideline for your destiny - Fiks